Mahout Training and Thai Elephant Development

If you would like to relax and skip your hectic schedule for a few days, how about spending some time with the elephants. Learn to control the elephants face to face.

Special training to ride an elephant in the world's first school for training mahouts is a great opportunity for you to practice being A real mahout through actual experience and with pride, with people dedicated to caring for the elephants

Training to ride elephants at the National Elephant Institute is a valuable experience that you can have here in Chiang Mai. Tourists will learn about the mahout life style and stay with our lovely clever elephants. There are a variety of programs to chose from.

One Day Elephant Training

You will be picked up from your hotel at 7.00 am. And arrive at the camp at 8:00 pm.

The morning session is filled with basic knowledge about the elephant, elephant command words, mounting and unmounting the elephant, as well as training to control to an elephant walking in the jungle. Then you'll break for lunch at noon.

In the afternoon take the elephant bathing and other activities. Then have a look at elephant painting, feed and make friend with the little elephants. Visit the hospital to see how to care for sick and injured elephants. And lastly go to the thai elephant cemetery in the national park.Arrive back at your hotel at 17.30 pm.

Longer Visits

The Institute also offers a homestay program in our mahout village and welcomes tourists who are interested in studying and experiencing the life of a mahout and his elephant.

Tourists will stay at the same house as the mahout, share in the mahout's life and join in various communal activities. In the morning, they will go into the woods to bring their elephant out, then practice basic riding and giving commands to the elephant. Exchange experiences with English-speaking staff who are familiar with elephants and mahouts. In the evening, visitors will return the elephant to the woods. Participants will also cook local foods, dine Khan Tok style and listen to local music played by mahouts.

Homestay facilities are also open to tourists who do not wish to participate in the homestay program, but want to stay overnight there only.